Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Human Intervention of Biodiversity in our Ecosystems

Biodiversity is the key point to a human’s life as it revolves around a human’s existence. As we know now scientists consider humans as the most invasive species, as we can greatly make a huge impact on the environment. The media has enforced this and has been focusing on the negative consequences due to human interaction.
"The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our eyes to grow sharper"

Then again, human intervention is being used also to positively affect the biodiversity of our ecosystems. For example, “Over 8,000 tree species, 10% of the world's total, are threatened with extinction.” (1) The Global Trees Campaign found this important because they’re threatening many important species, so they decided to begin to save various amounts of trees from preservation. This campaign involves the partnership with a series of organizations, including government agencies, non-government organizations, research institutions and local groups to help prosper the consciousness of tree species that encounter many threats. Human involvement can play a major role because the more we help, the more successful this campaign can be and can positively affect the biodiversity of our ecosystems. This campaign strives to be successful and doesn’t impact negatively on human needs.   
World Wildlife Fund Canada (WWF-Canada) was founded in 1967 by Senator Alan MacNaughton, and has become one of the country's leading conservation organizations, enjoying the active support of more than 150,000 Canadians.”(2) It is another organization being used to positively affect the biodiversity of our ecosystems. It is an organization that protects various types of wild life species and habitats. As years passed by, this association has grown and is not only protecting wildlife species and habitats but also, protecting life on Earth, including our own. This is a group that its work revolves around life and living because their goal is to protect and restore ecosystems and to make a living on a healthy planet. By humans joining and becoming one of their partners in the organization, this protects many species around the world and also gives children a healthier future. WWF Canada puts effort into everything they do, just like any other organization. But what is different about this organization? Not only does it preserve species that are at danger, but it protects habitats and focuses on approaching global threats.

Human involvement is clearly being used to affect the biodiversity of our ecosystems in a positive way. Although the media has focused on negative consequences due to human interaction, humans have also contributed in a positive way to help the biodiversity of our ecosystems. “The human population is at 6 billion; with an annual global growth rate of 1.8%, three more people are added to the earth every second.”(3) As the human population increases, it affects the biodiversity of our ecosystems positively and negatively, but as for the media they focus only on the negative aspects. Now in this world, there are organizations, campaigns, initiatives and projects that are useful to humans so they can get involved and have a positive effect on the biodiversity of our ecosystems.

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  1. Hey! I think WWF is a great example to as how humans contribute to the positive effect of biodiversity. They contain so many projects both, as an organization and individuals in which we can help. In addition to all of the things that WWF does to help society, another great example is Earth Hour, in which hundreds of millions of people around the world will turn off their lights for an hour to demand action on climate change. Everyone is aware of this great project and because of its popularity it is a success. Earth Hour 2008 saw quite a bit of energy being saved. Bangkok decreased electricity usage by about 73.34 megawatts. Toronto saved 900 megawatt-hours of electricity, which I think is amazing. Good Blog! Bye!


  2. Deforestation is really a huge issue today. Most often, the land that is fresh cut is used for urban and construction purposes, to grow crops, use for fuel and much more. As many people know, trees provide oxygen. Companies and businesses are plowing land to make money. But the downside of this is that it may potentially hurt us in the near future. We all know that the theory of climate change dawns upon us. Trees act as a storage depot for carbon. When deforestation occurs, trees are allowed to rot and the carbon stored inside rises as carbon dioxide. This in turn creates carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the effects of global warming will heavily be increased.

    In my opinion, I think it's just a matter of human greediness. There are many other ways to make money, but these companies (in my eyes) seem to try and work hard to harm the environment (and ourselves!) just to try and receive money. I'm glad the Global Trees Campaign is deciding to help this problem. The trees need our our help and we need theirs!

  3. The WWF is a great example of how human intervention can be used for positive purposes. However, I don't think that many people out there realize the severity of deforestation and continue on, not knowing that what they're doing greatly effects not only wildlife, but the whole global community. Many forests have been cut down in order to accommodate our tall buildings, filled with businesses all striving to make a little cash. Unfortunately, they have been taking the world for granted and now we're put in a situation where we are literally killing off our planet piece by piece.

    Nonetheless, it's good to know that there are those fair few out there who are willing to help make a positive difference in the world today. I think that the WWF is doing a good job of helping to raise awareness of it all.

  4. As you mentioned previously in your blog above, deforestation is really one of the major issues because it takes longer to actually replace tree density. Nonetheless, organizations like Global Trees Campaign and many others are making huge differences by planting trees and the difference are always continuously growing. We have already used half of the trees that were originally on Earth before; which means that it shouldn't be hard to get through the other half in a short time as the demand for trees is always high. We use them for paper, furniture, toilet paper and the list goes on. Its very reassuring to know that there are many organizations out there that are making huge differences one seedling at a time. Great blog Anker.

  5. WWF has always been one of my favourite organizations. They deal with many issues that our destroying our planet. WWF does many thigngs to help our planet such as, The Great Canadian shorline cleanup which brings many Canadians together to help cleanup the shorelines across Canada. Another one would be Earth hour which brings millions of people together to help save our Planet. Earth hour is something i participate in every year. It's a little step, but everything counts.

    I dont know where humanity took a turn for the worst or where we thought we could take so much from Earth without there being any consequences but its very reassuring to know that there are some people out there willing to help. If we don't pay more attention to what we are doing we wont have anything left!

  6. As your blog clearly points out, WWF is another amazing organization dedicated to dealing with all of the problems that we have put on our planet. WWF comes up with various ways to help the Earth, sometimes little things (i.e. Earth Hour) that don't even seem like big deals, like something as simple as turning everything off for an hour. However, it does make a difference, when the world as a whole participate in it together. I also love how WWF promises to halt certain predictions of extinction, such as the tiger's extinction by 2022. This is very inspiring to see that there are some things that are preventable if we just set our minds to it, and WWF is a perfect example of what can be done to help out our Earth. Great job, Anker!

  7. I agree that humans are invasive and I mean it in a good way. The two organizations that you've mentioned above clearly state that humans can also positively affect the environment. Also, it is amazing how WWF not only works to preserve wildlife and the earth, but also our life. I never knew that. But anyways, I think WWF is a great example because they have goals that they are persistent in reaching. Great Job!

  8. Heey! I agree that deforestation is a huge issue in our world today. This is most due to the humans creating havoc and not actually thinking about the wildlife in these forest. WWF is a great organization that helps to limit the destruction and protect the wildlife. Deforestation does not only have a negative effect on wildlife, but also humans as we need these forests for oxygen, thus crucial for our survival. WWF is also doing a great job keeping the animal's habitats intact and limiting the global threats. GOODD JOB ANKERR! :)

  9. Helloo anker

    Deforestation needs to stop and I'm glad that there are many organizations dedicated to stopping this crime. I think that it's tragic that over 8,000 tree species, 10% of the world's total, are threatened with extinction because the world has so much to offer. I hope that a solution to this problem is found fast. Btw good job

    Liam D'souza

  10. Hey Anker,

    I think your blog clearly expresses the positive impacts of two great organizations in our world today. Both movements work in trying to preserve our environment in various ways. It proves that through human efforts, we can make positive impacts toward the environment. Through the organizations' significant efforts, they leave an affirmative mark upon our world and people.

    As your blog clearly mentions above, i agree that WWF is a momentous organization which works in trying to preserve our environment, as well as making a positive impact in our world today. I think its great that this organization works in trying to preserve the wildlife species and habitats. By taking a stand to help not only the environment, but the living creatures as well, we continue to make a great difference in our world. The wildlife need to be helped, and WWF is doing well in making those efforts! It is also fascinating to acknowledge that the WWF organization is supported by over 150, 000 people. With the recognition of so many, i also believe we can make a change towards our earth in making it a better home and a greater future. Excellent blog, good job Anker!